Prepare to drool over Project Gold, Porsche’s birthday present to itself


Porsche Project Gold teaser

Resto-modding, the process of restoring a classic car with modern or updated components, is an increasingly popular trend among enthusiasts. California-based Singer has hogged the spotlight in recent years, and justifiably so considering the stunning quality of its creations, but Porsche is joining the party to celebrate its 70th anniversary. The German company released a teaser video to preview a one-off 911 called Project Gold.

Project Gold remains shrouded in secrecy. Porsche explains it started the build with a classic 911 body and sought input from its designers and engineers to modify it. We don’t know what shape the body was in when Porsche purchased it, but one of the teaser videos reveals that a tremendous amount of work went into making it like-new. It looks like the car started life as a 993-generation model but it’s difficult to tell without knowing the full scope of the modifications.

Porsche isn’t ready to talk about technical specifications yet. It dropped a major hint in a video highlighting the hand-upholstered seats, though. Leatherworkers upholstered the seats in black upholstery with gold contrast stitching and embroidered turbo emblems into the front headrests. Gold might have started life as a 911 Turbo made during the 1990s. We’ll find out more information as Porsche releases additional teaser images during the coming weeks.

Project Gold will make its debut online on August 24, according to Autoblog. It will greet the public for the first time a month later during the Rennsport Reunion held in northern California before crossing the auction block on October 27 at Porsche’s $100 million Atlanta Experience Center. Air-cooled Porsche 911s are extremely valuable; we can’t imagine a one-off model customized by Porsche to celebrate an important milestone selling for under $1 million.

Right now, Porsche stresses Project Gold is a one-off model developed and built to celebrate its 70th anniversary. It’s not officially planning to launch an in-house resto-modding service to rival Singer and RUF, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see one established in Germany or in the United States sooner or later — especially if Project Gold ends up looking as gorgeous as we hope it will. Stay tuned for more.

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