Peak Design’s backpack and packing tools are perfect for traveling photogs


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Peak Design is back at it again with a collection of new products that are set to be a part of Peak Design’s new Travel Line.

The Travel Backpack 45L and accompanying Packing Tools are the result of five years of experience designing camera bags and accessories for photographers and travelers alike. Together, they’re made to work as a modular system to ensure you can pack exactly how you want, whether you’re taking a trip downtown or trekking high in the mountains.

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The Travel Backpack 45L is a 45-liter backpack made of weather-proof nylon canvas and a ruggedized bottom. Despite the 45L name, the bag itself is actually only 35 liters in its standard state, as to ensure you meet standard carry-on size when traveling abroad. It’s not until you open the expansion zipper that the bag reveals its full capacity.

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The Travel Backpack 45L, which is available in both black and sage color schemes, features a multitude of pockets, as well as side, back, front, and top access, so you can easily grab your gear, however you packed it up. There are dedicated tablet and laptop access points as well.

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In the event you want to use the backpack more like a duffel bag, the shoulder straps and padded waist belt pack away, leaving only the top and back handle exposed, as seen in the above image.

The Travel Backpack 45L is available stand-alone for a pledge of $235, while the backpack paired with the packing tools mentioned below is available for a pledge of $399. If you wait until the campaign is over, you will be shelling out $300 and $545, respectively, for the same gear — so if you even think you want one, it’s worth snagging it now.

Speaking of packing, the other component to Peak Design’s Travel Line is a set of five Packing Tools for building the perfect arrangement of items inside your bag, be it camera gear or clothes.

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The first Packing Tool is a set of three Camera Cubes that come in small, medium, and large. As the name suggests, these are square containers designed to organize and house your camera gear, from DSLRs and mirrorless bodies to lenses and speedlights. The Camera Cubes securely mount inside the Travel Backpack 45L, but can also be used outside of the bag as stand-alone cases for your gear. The lids of the Camera Cubes tuck away for when you want easy access to your gear inside the backpack and a system of dividers makes it simple to adjust the layout to fit your needs. The small, medium, and large camera cubes will retail for $50, $70, and $90, respectively.

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The second Packing Tool is a pair of Packing Cubes that come in small and medium sizes. Each Packing Cube has a full zipper on the outside, as well as an internal divider for separating clothes, be it by clean and dirty or pants and shirts. There is also an expansion and compression zipper that makes it easy to beef up the internal space of the Packing Cubes or shrink it down if you need a little more space. The small and medium Packing Cubes will retail for $30 and $40, respectively.

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The third Packing Tool is a Wash Pouch. As you could probably guess, this little container is effectively a Dopp kit for storing your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair gel, soap, etc. The Wash Pouch will retail for $60.

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The fourth Packing Tool is a Tech Pouch. This little thing is a little bag for keeping all of your cables, chargers, memory cards, and other gadgets under control inside your bag. The Tech Pouch features origami-style dividers that Peak Design has made almost iconic in its own right with its other gear. The Tech Pouch will retail for $60.

The fifth and final Packing Tool is a Shoe Pouch. As you might have guessed, the Shoe Pouch is an ultralight, weatherproof pouch for putting dirty shoes or clothes inside so you’re not getting gunk or stink over all of your other gear. The Shoe Pouch will retail for $25.

If you want a thorough rundown of the entire Travel Line, Peak Design has shared the video below to talk about every new product.

To find out more information and to secure your gear, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign and pick your pledge. As always, we offer words of caution before pledging your money to any crowdfunding campaign.

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