Are Facebook and Instagram taking a Labor Day break? Users report downtime worldwide


Facebook, the world’s number one social media platform, and subsidiary Instagram are taking some holiday breaks on Labor Day. As of this writing, Facebook and Instagram were facing over 30 minutes of downtime with Twitter users taking to their feeds to share their noticing as well. Users internationally also reported simultaneous reports of massive WhatsApp outages.

If you’re not already in an area suffering from sweltering summer heat, to make matters worse, how will those suffering from social family awkwardness seek escape at those family day barbeques? Oh, the panic!

So if you’re waiting for your next cheeseburger while trying to avoid awkward conversations with the aunts and uncles, and noticing that your Facebook or Instagram accounts aren’t cooperating as you constantly refresh your method of access, it isn’t just you.

Hopping onto Twitter, users have started tweeting with the hashtags, “#facebook,” and “#facebookdown“, as well as “#instagram” and “#instagramdown“, with some sharing screen shots of either blank browser pages, “Service Unavailable” text, or if lucky, an actual official Facebook page that says, “Something went wrong.” Facebook’s own Twitter page hasn’t reported anything since August 31.

In a personal attempt to access other parts of Facebook’s page, such as the “About Us” section and even a Google search link to Facebook of India, it seems all of Facebook’s systems are in a wazoo – including the “Help” link. also reveals a huge and recent spike in down reports from users, with people commenting in the Disqus section from places as far as Hungary, Norway, Finland, and Turkey.

facebook instagram labor day outage down downdetector sept 2018
Screenshot from, Sept. 3, 2018, 5:37 PM EST Chris Chin / Digital Trends

This downtime for the largest social media network won’t come as a surprise for some as recent complaints surfaced regarding user issues with Facebook Messenger over the past few days.

As of January 2018, Facebook reportedly has over 2.2 billion monthly active users. Its largest population of users interestingly isn’t the United States, who comes second. Rather, it’s India, with 270 million active users, according to, as of July 2018. The U.S., according to the same source, reports 210 million active users, with Brazil following in third, tied with Indonesia at 130 million.

While writing this article, Facebook seems to have returned to functioning status. Though users updating the comment section vigorously on report rolling outages in various areas, or Facebook Messenger and Instagram are still malfunctioning. British media Express and the Daily Mail are also reporting downtime on their end, with reports of WhatsApp malfunctions too.

So while Facebook and Instagram get their act together, it seems those tied to the social network will be forced to find some other activity to do on this day of relaxation. Oh, the agony to be separated from social media, for once!

We’ve reached out to Facebook’s press department to see what’s up for a statement, and will report back accordingly.

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