Amazon may send out physical toy catalog for kids of all ages this holiday season


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Amazon is attempting to fill the void left by the recent demise of Toys R Us and will publish a holiday toy catalog, a strategy often employed by brick-and-mortar retailers. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the e-commerce giant is taking a page out of the tried-and-true traditional books of retail, and instead of relying on all-digital advertising, will be sending around a printed guide to millions of American households in advance of the holiday season. Bloomberg’s sources believe that Amazon will be handing out the gift guide at Whole Foods Market stores across the nation, leveraging the acquisition that was completed late in 2017.

Over the last several months, Amazon has continued to take steps in a more traditional direction, embracing the advantages provided by physical retail locations with the opening of a brick-and-mortar bookstore and no-pay grocery markets, as well as its integration into existing Whole Foods locations. And now, it’s also apparently taking a closer look at traditional marketing strategies.

Toys R Us was known for its extensive toy catalog, which was historically distributed around October every year. The 100-page catalog included all the hottest toys of the year and was a huge draw for toymakers around the world, who vied for a coveted spot in the booklet. Even while smartphones, tablets, and laptops grew in popularity, children and their parents still turned to the Toys R Us catalog when it came time for making holiday gift requests and decisions.

Now, even as Amazon continues to play the role of the primary shopping destination of the holiday season, it’s looking to boost its sales. In 2007, the company began publishing an online holiday catalog and saw its market share increase. And now that it’s looking to publish a print version, the online retailer could see even further success.

Amazon has not commented on its purported decision, but in just a few months’ time, we could discover whether or not this strategy will be implemented. In the meantime, you can continue to go the old-fashion Amazon route, searching for the items you know you need rather than waiting for a booklet for suggestions.

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