A top-selling digital photography book can be yours for free now


Free photography book, anyone?

And it’s not just any old book. How To Create Stunning Digital Photography is the work of popular photography vloggers Tony and Chelsea Northrup, and the publication currently sits at number one in Amazon’s digital photography best-seller chart.

The Northrups’ book has received more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, earning it a five-star rating among readers.

It usually costs $20 for a physical copy and $10 for the ebook version, but to celebrate their YouTube channel notching up a million subscribers, the couple are offering their ebook — How To Create Stunning Digital Photography — for the princely sum of nothing.

Described as a “hands-on, self-paced photography class,” the ebook incorporates more than 14 hours of online training videos for all photographers from beginners to advanced.

Those starting out can learn more about composition, as well as the basics of technical areas such as exposure, aperture, and ISO. You’ll also discover useful tips for wildlife photography, and how to take great images at night of subjects such as fireworks and stars.

More experienced photographers can also find out how to build a home studio with different kinds of lighting, how to get into macro photography, and tips on mastering underwater shots.

For hobbyists looking to make some money out of their craft, there’s also advice on how to photograph weddings.

The Northrups have been posting regular photography videos on YouTube for the last six years, and have built up a solid fan base over that time. The channel covers a variety of subject matter that includes photo tips, camera reviews, and software guides.

For their free offer, the couple have set up a webpage asking that you “pay what you can, even $0,” adding that while the ebook usually costs $10, “$5, $2, or even $1 helps.”

You can grab How To Create Stunning Digital Photography in formats that include PDF (for tablets and PCs), ePUB (for smartphones and ebook readers), and mobi (for Kindles).

But take note — the offer ends “soon,” so you’d better hurry. If the link to the free download fails, it means the offer has now closed, in which case you’ll need to head to the book’s page on Amazon if you’re still interested.

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